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Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, and Blindfold Brain-freeze Challenge for IH
(I donated to both…woo!)

ALS - Lou Gehrig’s Disease - Motor Neuron Disease
IH - Intracranial Hypertension (formerly Pseudotumor Cerebri)

Donate $$ towards research to find a cure for these - Thank you.
IH -

And of course I forget to mention migraines. That’s a big bad symptom.
I nominated my Dad, 2 dwarves from The Hobbit, 3 gals from BBC Musketeers and a very brave man who is dealing with ALS.

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Let me first begin by saying Hello!
Yesterday I posted my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video & I have to say that the response has been phenomenal! A number of people have said that they’d like to hear more from me. Hence the blog.

Probably a good start to let you know a bit about myself.
My name’s Jorden better known as Pixie, I’m 24 years old & since birth have lived with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. I say lived with because I don’t like the term suffer with. Yes I have bad days & even really bad days but I also have good days.
I choose to push myself everyday & am lucky enough to say that I have amazing friends & family who pushed me too. Thanks to them, I now honestly believe that I can do anything - I just have to do it my way!

I’m a Swansea Uni Graduate
& for a number of years now I’ve worked full time.

I love it! I love earning money that I can spend & boy can I spend!

The above pictures are taken from my day of birth (or just after) weighing just 3lb13oz & not given the best outlook on life by the Doctors. The second is from yesterday’s Icebucket challenge. I’m more than glad & extremely grateful the Doctors were wrong! (Ironically I’m currently undertaking my own weight lose challenge)!

I hope this blog helps to eradicate some of the stigmas that disabled people still face everyday & highlight that CP or no CP I’m just a quirky, fun loving, handbag addict, take on the world kinda girl!

- Pixie xo

My first Pixie Vs CP Blog post guys

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